Resources for MMP 460: Multimedia Project Lab




Featured images for category pages

Assigning different header images for different pages

Custom Post Type

Custom Post Templates

Adding Bootstrap support to your Underscore theme

HTML Structure of an underscore template

Adding a Homepage Template for the Underscore Theme

Audio player in a sidebar- Step by Step

Uploading Files with Filezilla to Your wpmmp Server Account

Responsive tables in WordPress

Adding an additional sidebar in the Underscore theme

Responsive menu in Underscore

Multiple menus in Underscore

Installing your first WordPress Site on the WPMMP server

Creating a home page with a slideshow and 3 columns (underscore theme)

Different headers for different pages

Gallery Menu Step-by-Step

Linking an additional CSS file

Creating a category template for Underscores themes

Anatomy of a WordPress Site

Changing Thumbnail sizes

Single Menu Support

Adding a sidebar

Responsive underscores theme

Multiple sidebars

Multiple Menus support

Specifying Menu Code

The WordPress Loop

Links to Posts and Pages in Templates

Lightbox WordPress

Linking to an image in the theme directory

Adding a Featured Image

Featured images in Underscores

eCommerce in WordPress

Custom Page templates

Custom Headers

Adding Custom Classes to Posts with Custom Fields

A Different Class for Each Page

Creating a custom template for the blog page (underscore theme)

Changing the Appearance of the Menu Link of the Current Page

Show a number of posts from a certain category only

The anatomy of a WordPress theme

Bootstrap Carousel with underscores theme

Google Map in WordPress