Resources for MMP 460: Multimedia Project Lab



Portfolio Website

Design a responsive website that will introduce yourself and your work to potential employers.

Your website must include the following items:

The work process

STEP 1: planning and content development

  1. Consider the following questions
    • What are your immediate professional goals? In other words, what kind of job or assignment do you hope this website will help you get?
    • How will you introduce yourself professionally? a web designer? a programmer? a graphic designer?
    • How many projects do you have to show? How many of them will you include in the portfolio?
  2. Organize your site’s content
    • Select the work that you would like to showcase in the portfolio.
    • Decide how to organize your work on the site. For example, by type (websites, print, paintings, drawings etc.), by skill (design, development), by software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash) or as case studies.
    • Decide how to organize the site’s content. For example, what content you will have on the homepage? where will be your contact information? (in a separate page? on the homepage? on every page?)
    • Write down links’s labels and the titles of the pages.
  3. Write
    • your resume, if you haven’t done it already.
    • a paragraph introducing yourself and your professional goals.
    • a short description for each of the projects in your portfolio.

Submission: Draw a wireframe for every key page of your website. It must include the homepage, about page, portfolio page (if different than the homepage), and the page, or state, after one of your work was selected. Draw one additional wireframe for a mobile version of the homepage.

STEP 2: Design the interface In Photoshop, mockup the design for the homepage and gallery page for desktop and mobile.



Grading Guidelines

Your grade will be based on: