Class Information, Notes and code samples for MMP 460


Class Notes

Our Last class Meetings

We are meeting on Wednesday 12/13 to keep working on the project. Our last meeting is on Monday 12/18 when we will present the website to Professor Stevenson.

Please fill out the Teammate Evaluation Form.

Week 13

Completing the Group Project

Group-by-group instructions for completion

All missing work must be submitted by 12/18 in order to be considered for final grade

Week 9

Sitemap approved by our client

WordPress Theme Building

We start with the undescore theme with the following modifications:

In addition, we will create additional custom page templates, custom post templates, or custom category templates, depending on your designs.

These custom templates need to include multiple editable areas so our client can create complex pages, such as the author pages that include, bio, synopsis, image, podcasts and more. We will accomplish this by using custom fields.

To manage custom fields We will use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Download and install the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. We will still need to add php code to display custom fields in pages. We will use the API of this plugin.

Podcasts can be handled as custom post types and the podcast page as an archive of these posts.

You must have wireframe design for all key pages before starting WP theme work.

Week 8

Text and media for TWF site

This Week Tasks

  • Communication Brief
    • Use the notes you took during client visit
    • Write down what additional information you need from the client
  • Content outline
    • Create an inventory list of all content needed for the site
    • Audit existing content and determine what is missing
  • Sitemap (flowchart)
    • Organize content into categories and pages. Label categories and pages.
    • Plan navigation bars
    • Create a sitemap chart in Gliffy or a similar tool
    • The sitemap must take into account future cohorts
  • Wireframes
    • Draw wireframes of key pages
  • Sketch ideas for imagery for the 10 screenplays
    • Consult the summaries
  • WP prototype
    • Once the sitemap is complete you can start to arrange content in a WordPress site in pages or posts, and create a wireframe WordPress prototype. The prototype will include all necessary plugins and must demonstrate how the site will be updated with future cohorts.

Week 7- Group Project

A WordPress website that documents the work done by past, present and future cohorts of the BMCC Foundation Time-Warner Screenwriting Fellowship. The website will present the work of the last cohort, from Fall 2016, and will make it easy for the site administrator to add future cohorts.

For each fellowship participant the website will include a synopsis of the work, a visual lead, audio from gala reading (podcast), and information about the author.

Additional possible content:

  • about the Screenwriting Fellowship
  • about Professor George Stevenson
  • news and events
  • online application

About the Fellowship: the Fellowship includes instruction and workshops that allow participants to develop a first draft of a feature screenplay or long-form television pilot over 14 Saturdays and concludes with a gala presentation of readings from the completed scripts featuring professional actors. Fellows also participate in screenings/seminars, and dinners with established screenwriters. More….

Professor Stevenson will visit our class on Wednesday to provide more information. In the meantime he provided the following links for inspiraion:

Following the visit, you will write a communication brief. Use this worksheet as a guide.

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

For Monday

  • Share your workspace with me: my username is
  • Include a homepage template and a sidebar in your theme
  • Start exploring our starter theme: underscores

Week 3

Portfolio deadline: your html/css portfolio is due in github on 9/24. You can keep working on it afterwards but it must be a working version that is sufficiently refined to represent you well in your internship or work pursuits.

WordPress Content Management

  • vs.
  • Anatomy of a WordPress site
  • Setting up a WordPress workspace in cloud9.
  • Exploring WP Dashboard:

    • Settings
    • Posts
    • Categories
    • Tags (read about Categories vs. Tags)
    • Pages
    • Media
    • Links
    • Themes
    • Widgets (sidebar)
    • Menus

For Monday: Add your portfolio content to your WordPress site. Create a gallery.

WordPress First Theme

Read: textbook chapters 1-4.

Week 2

Portfolio assignment

  • Choosing a site structure: one page vs. multi-page
  • Organizing your work: thumbnails, slideshows, categories, selected work, case studies.
  • Showcasing your work: thumbnails, screenshots, cropped screenshots, links to external sites, lightbox.
  • 6 Portfolio Design Mistakes


Working with Bootstrap

For Monday:

  • Email me your github id. Make sure that you have a repository called portfolio.
  • Move work that you plan to showcase to your portfolio repository. You do not have to move work if it is already on Github.
  • Sketch interfaces of the homepage and one page that shows the detail of work and upload to the portfolio repository
  • start work on the homepage mockup. It is due on Wednesday.

Week 1

About the class


Class exercise: generic porfolio site template. See wireframe.

Portfolio assignment

For next week