Final Project

Learning Objectives: Utilize what we learned in class so far to design an interface that simplify access to dense information

Task: Design a website that accommodates needs of several defined audience groups, and that is relatively information-dense. You can continue the work on the app that you pitched in the previous assignment, if it meets these requirements, or come up with a different idea. You can also choose one of the following:

Stage 1: Definition


Stage 2: Information Architecture

Based on your scenarios, and what you learned in your research about your target audiences, organize the content into pages, label the pages, and design navigation bars. Represent the site’s structure and navigation bar in a  sitemap and sketch an interface.


Stage 3: Prototype and Assess

Prototype with Adobe XD or Axure.

Deliverables: Published prototype. Class presentations of prototypes

Stage 4: Visual Design

Design the look and feel of the website. Your design choices must include:

Deliverable: a style tile.

Stage 4: Production

Final Submission

One PDF with all deliverable listed above. The PDF should be constructed as followed: