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Week 1

Review: HTML

Publishing on Github Pages

Assignment: HTML code for Assignment 1


Read: A Brief History of Markup

Week 2

Intro to CSS

Adaptive Sizing and Typography

Assignment: CSS for Assignment 1

Read:Build perfect website

Week 3

Planning a Web Project

Information Architecture

Assignment: Midterm project steps 1 and 2

Read: Project Objectives and Approach (pdf)

Resources: EventBrite Music Festival Study

Week 4

Visual Design


Week 5

Layout desgin - Visual Hierarchy - Grid



Read: Organizing the Page: Layout of Page Elements

Week 6

CSS Layout

Assignment: Midterm project step 4

Read: What is Responsive Design

Assignment: Midterm project step 4

Week 7

CSS Responsive Design

Assignment: Midterm project step 4

Week 8

Midterm Presentations

Week 9

Bootstrap Web Development

Assignment: class portfolio

Week 10

Planning an interactive site

Assignment: Final project Read: Goal-Directed Design

Week 11-12

Interface Design

Week 13

CSS & Bootstrap Production Lab

Visual enhancement

Assignment: Final project prototyping

Week 14


Assignment: Final project production

Week 15: Exam Week

Final presentations Submission of final portolios

Assignment: Final project production